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Being your travel advisor is more than offering you enchanting vacations to the far reaches of the globe. It also involves offering you personal support and helpful advice to enhance all your travel experiences, whether near or far.

The “Know Before You Go” Websites links below are an invaluable resource of important information that will help you travel the world safely and efficiently. Our agency simply wants you to have the best experiences possible, wherever you travel.

Please feel free to contact us about your future travel plans.


Weather Info for Your Destination

Currency Converter

Airport Status and Delays Info

Personalised Passport, Visa and Health requirements advice - Travel Center

State Department Travel Page

Center for Disease Control Travel Page
(International Health Issues)

Cruise Passenger Bill Of Rights

Rules for Bringing Items into the U.S.


Discover The World, Your Way

Arrow Discovery Travel serves as your personal, trusted, travel advisor. We are dedicated to working closely with YOU to create a vacation experience that suits 
Your interests, Your style, Your dreams.


In response to the travel disruptions due to Covid-19, Arrow Discovery Travel has been working to identify vacation options that offer unique experiences and provide our clients with additional levels of personal safety.

During these times of uncertainty, it is important to have someone by your side to help you every step of the way. Vacation travel can be one of your most costly and complex purchases. You can simplify the process and protect your investment if you have your own travel professional as your advisor and advocate. Here are 5 reasons why you need a travel advisor when you plan your next vacation.

We are featuring travel styles that can be applied to both domestic and international travel as it opens up.

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Stressed Traveler
Whether you’re a cruise lover, an on-the-go solo traveler, a parent with little ones to entertain or a sun seeker, we are here to listen to your needs and wishes, answer all of your questions, ensure your hard-earned money takes you exactly where you want to go – and help bring you back home again if anything goes wrong.

During these times of uncertainty and world turbulence, it is so important to have someone by your side to help you every step of the way. Here are 5 reasons why you need a travel advisor by your side when you book your next vacation.

There are literally hundreds of travel suppliers offering thousands of travel options.  How do you know which ones are a good fit for you?  How do you pick the right cruise, the right hotel, and the best tours; How do you put all the pieces together into the complete vacation package that YOU have in mind?  Without losing your mind?

Let Arrow Discovery Travel do it for you!  My job is to make YOUR travel dreams come true. 

Person enjoying beach sunset Lady relaxing on beach chair

You can trust me to find or design the perfect travel solution for you because:

  • I have relationships with the best and most reputable tour operators in the world
    • I know what each offers, what type of traveler they serve, which ones are the destination specialists and when they have a promotion on offer
  • I am located in south Florida
    • I have personal, direct access to the cruise line personnel and ships which are based or winter here and then relocate all over the world
  • I travel to the most popular destinations
  • I know the best way to get around in a destination and which sites are not to be missed
  • I meet the suppliers, stay at the hotels and take the tours

My goal is to learn about YOU, to listen to you and work closely with you every step of the way to ensure I am creating YOUR Trip of a Lifetime, Every time.

Vienna, Austria Prague, Czech Republic Cinque Terre, Italy
Vienna, Austria Prague, Czech Republic Cinque Terre, Italy


I specialize in Europe and am knowledgeable and experienced
in the world’s most popular destinations

Independent Travel      Ocean Cruises      River Cruises      Guided Vacations

Private and small group custom and escorted tours

I can help you no matter what your level of travel experience, from your first weeklong cruise to an intimate, in-depth cultural immersion itinerary.  I often feature small group specialty cruises and tours in Europe as well as cruises, tours and travel to more exotic locations that are not widely advertised.

I have designed my site for you to discover more about your travel style, cruise options, land options, special trips/cruises being featured this year and for you to browse current offers. You can also learn more about me and the value of working with Arrow Discovery Travel.  I welcome you to come back and visit the site often…it is a work in progress.

Help me put my dream trip together now!

French Polynesia Tuscany, Italy Monaco Harbor
French Polynesia Tuscany, Italy   Monaco Harbor



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